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Life Agent Development - The Foundation (LA01COILSCTXT1220) 110.00 $

Life insurance is a highly nuanced field of products and services. Clients put a great deal of trust in insurance professionals to give them skilled guidance and accurate information as they attempt to navigate the complexities of planning their financial security. This comprehensive course covers the life insurance field with definitions, explanations, calculations, and detailed descriptions of all the various products and services associated with it. It emphasizes throughout, the knowledge, skills and attitudes that must be mastered by agents who hope gain success within this sector of the insurance industry.

This course initiates agents into the underlying concepts of life insurance and then instills in them the importance of this industry to the security and well-being of the general public. As the name of this course suggests, its primary purpose is to develop agents by providing them with the skills and the commitment agents require to understand their clients’ needs. It emphasizes how knowledge of the products and services available, prepares them to identify solutions to meet client needs.

Durée de l’accès: 6 Mois

Heures créditées: 6

Type de crédit: Life - Technical

No de crédit: AIC#55328

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