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Travel Insurance for Seniors (G001COILSCTXT0619) 85.00 $

Travel Insurance for Seniors

In most instances, travel insurance plans designed for seniors provide identical coverage options as those found in the insurer’s standard plans. The main difference is that plans designed for seniors have additional eligibility requirements. This course will review travel insurance policy criteria designed for seniors.

Topics covered include:

  • What is travel insurance for seniors?
  • Health care cost incurred in other Canadian provinces
  • Two main classes of travel Insurance
  • Purchasing a policy with pre-existing conditions
  • Cross border shopping
  • Snowbird Insurance
  • Policy eligibility criteria
  • Emergency travel assistance services

Durée de l’accès: 6 Mois

Heures créditées: 1

Type de crédit: General - Technical

No de crédit: AIC#52067; MB32710

Provinces d’accréditation: