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Commercial Crime Insurance 3D Policy Analysis Part 1 (AFC2COILSCTXT1218) 110.00 $

Every business has an exposure to crime losses that can be covered with insurance. The crime insurance form used for most businesses today includes a variety of crime coverages in a single rider. This rider is the Comprehensive Dishonesty, Disappearance and Destructive Rider, also called the 3D Rider (3D Policy) by most brokers and underwriters.

This course is one of two parts and covers the following topics:

  • Description of Coverages
  • Definitions
  • Insuring Agreements l-V: An Analysis.

Durée de l’accès: 6 Mois

Heures créditées: 2

Type de crédit: ChAD - Insurance Technique

No de crédit: AFC10855

Provinces d’accréditation: