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Secrets for Exceptional Speaking (SHACO0114ILSC0000114) $ 309.00

The Secrets for Exceptional Speaking Online Video Course is broken down into 3 parts, the 3 key elements

Key Element 1 Background Imaging - How emotion is created so you can put any emotion you want into your words, bringing them to life.

Key Element 2 Rhythm Pattern Styles - How styles are expressed, so you can change to any style you need to match your listeners or clients. You can be powerful, or nurturing, or inspiring.

Key Element 3 Conversational Connection - How to sound conversational with your material and connect with any listener.

There are 9 lessons broken into 23 sections in total, with 11 hours of streaming video

Lessons consist of:

  • Lesson instructions
  • Streaming video
  • Interactive exercises
  • Printable worksheets to fill out
  • Personal assessments
  • Tips videos
  • Illustrations and visual clues with quick reminders
  • Excerpts from the Secrets Book as extra reading material
  • Coaching Advice: questions that students have asked while taking the course and the Coach's advice and answers
  • Quizzes

We highly recommend utilizing all available material in this course. Viewing all of the video, reading the extra book excerpts and completing all worksheets and exercises helps to ensure you fully understand the concepts and methods presented. Recommended study time is minimum of 11 hours. Self study course, completed entirely online.

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 3 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 0

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