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Ethical Theory & Conduct in the Insurance Industry: The Ethical Agent Case Examples (LA03COILSCTXT0219) $ 110.00

Example cases on ethics are often driven by situations that challenge our abilities to determine the right thing to do, carry out effective ethical action, or lay out an effective strategy for avoiding ethical obstacles in the future. As the possibilities for ethical conflict exist in all areas of the insurance industry, this course provides examples specifically geared towards providing you with materials relevant to various aspects in your field.

Topics covered:

  • The Challenging Client
  • Failure to Act
  • The Manager
  • Sales Incentive
  • Association to Violations of Others
  • Maintaining Knowledge of the Law
  • Leaving Employment
  • Using Technical Language

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 2

Credit Type: 2 Life/A&S-Technical (Alberta - Life Only) / 1 SK Approved Ethics - Life/A&S

Credit #: AIC#60351; MB31692

Accrediting Provinces: