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Alberta Auto Essentials (GA0COILSCAUD0616) $ 85.00

The updated Alberta Auto Essentials Course takes the insurance professional on a step by step journey through the major policy forms and applications for automobile insurance in the province of Alberta.

Topics covered include:
  • SPF 1 - Standard Automobile Policy
  • SPF 4 - Garage Policy
  • SPF 6 - Non Owned Vehicle
  • SPF 9 - the newest form - Transportation Network

You will also take a guided tour through the applicable endorsements and application forms.
As a resource within the online course, you can open PDF samples of the SPF forms to better familiarize yourself with the actual forms you'll being using in the industry.

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 4

Credit Type: General/Adjuster - Technical

Credit #: AIC 55869

Accrediting Provinces: