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Alberta Personal Automobile Insurance (GA02COILSCTXT0122) $ 85.00

The purpose of this course is to explain the various aspects of automobile insurance and of the laws and regulations that govern the industry, particularly in Alberta.

This course covers the following Subjects:

  • What is Automobile Insurance?
  • Private and Government Automobile Insurance
  • Regulation of Automobile Insurance in Alberta
  • Standard Application Form for Owners of Automobiles (SAF 1)
  • Standard Policy Form for Owners of Automobiles (SPF 1)
  • SPF 1 Policy General Provisions, Definitions, and Exclusions
  • Standard Endorsement Form (SEF)
  • Standard Policy Form for Drivers of Automobiles (SPF2)
  • Residual Risks and Industry Agreements

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 1

Credit Type: General/Adjuster - Technical

Credit #: AIC#60352

Accrediting Provinces: