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Travel and Emergency Medical Insurance (CSF3COILSCTXT0219) $ 110.00

Most travel agents will encourage individuals who travel out of province to purchase travel insurance. The consequences of not being properly insured can have significant financial consequences. For example when travelling, Canadians can be billed for medical services in amounts that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. A travel insurance policy is the best way to provide insurance for these types of losses.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe travel insurance
  • Describe coverage and underwriting considerations in emergency medical insurance
  • Explain benefits, exclusions and provisions in emergency medical insurance

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 1

Credit Type: CSF - Insurance of Persons

Credit #: CSF19-02-45666

Accrediting Provinces: