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Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation (ABGL1PREP) $ 449.00

New L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Alberta level 1 General Insurance licensing exam.

Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Program includes:

  • L1 General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing online course - 13 Chapters
  • L1 Textbook hardcopy - 13 Chapters
  • L1 Workbook hardcopy - over 650 quiz questions
  • L1 Workbook Answer Key
  • L1 Flashcards - over 300 exam type mobile questions
  • Alberta Auto Essentials online course - includes newest form - SPF 9
  • An Insurance Professional's Regulatory Responsibilities online course - AIC council rules and code of conduct
  • Alberta online supplement - specific to Alberta insurance requirements
  • Accident and Sickness Review Course
  • Review Tests - 17 review tests including multiple choice answer options
  • L1 Alberta General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing Practice Exam

Recommended study time of 80 - 120 hours

All Alberta Level 1 Students need to be Certified by their course providers in order to write the Alberta Level 1 Licensing Exam. In order for ILScorp to certify you, you are required to successfully complete all course material provided in your ILScorp Level 1 Licensing Exam Preparation Program as well as pass the ILScorp Certification Exam. Once you have met all course criteria and passed the certification exam ILScorp will mark you as certified and you may register for the Alberta Licensing Exam.

If you do not meet all ILScorp course criteria you will not be marked as certified and will not qualify to register for the Alberta Licensing Exam. No refunds for course material will be issued.

You must register with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) to register and write your final licensing examination.

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 4 Month(s)

Total Number of Courses: 26

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Total Number of Credit Hours: 9