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Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam Preparation (ABAL1PREP) $ 449.00

ILScorp L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster licensing exam.

Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam Preparation Program includes:

  • L1 General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing online course - 13 Chapters
  • L1 Textbook hardcopy - 13 Chapters
  • L1 Workbook hardcopy - over 650 quiz questions
  • L1 Workbook Answer Key
  • L1 Flashcards - over 300 exam type mobile questions
  • Alberta Auto Essentials online course - includes newest form - SPF 9
  • An Insurance Professional's Regulatory Responsibilities online course - AIC council rules and code of conduct
  • Alberta online supplement - specific to Alberta insurance requirements
  • Review Tests - 17 review tests including multiple choice answer options
  • L1 Alberta General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing Practice Exam
  • ILS Level 1 Adjuster Extra Practice Questions

Recommended study time of 80 - 120 hours

You must register with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) to register and write your final licensing examination.

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 3 Month(s)

Total Number of Courses: 10

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Total Number of Credit Hours: 6